Student Hosted Community Financial Fair: May 6th

Personal Finance at The Soulsville Charter School is taking their curriculum to the next level!

Erin Johnson teaches a course titled “Financial Freedom” at Soulsville and is transforming lives inside and outside the classroom. One goal of the class is to pass the knowledge they have learned on to the community, and Johnson does this through a community engagement project for students to complete.

This year, students are hosting their first ever Financial Freedom Fair for the community and citizens of Memphis. Students will be able to pass on the knowledge they have learned through a series of workshops opened to the public.
  • When: Saturday, May 6th (9:30AM- 12:30PM)
  • Where: The Soulsville Charter School (1115 College Street)
  • Click here to register!

The goal of this fair is to help the community become financially literate and financially free individuals. Ms. Johnson and the Soulsville students want to help individuals in the community to define what financial freedom is to them and learn ways to achieve that vision by exploring 3 key aspects of financial freedom: investing, budgeting, and credit.

The Financial Freedom Fair stems from Ms. Johnson’s senior mandatory class called “Money Matters” to help Soulsville seniors learn how to manage money and become financially savvy. The course teaches students about budgeting, credit, student loans, credit card debt and other financial concepts.

“On a scale of 1 to 10 in importance to our kids, this course is a 20,” Johnson said. “These life lessons help them understand the real world, and put them on a path to success.”