Share The Need: Teachers are the best recruiters of teachers

By April 20, 2017Recruitment

When it comes to finding and placing talented teachers, the most effective recruiter is you! According to multiple studies, referrals are the best source of hires, resulting in higher-caliber candidates who exhibit higher productivity, and are more likely to remain in their positions longer than candidates from other sources.

April & May are crucial months for teacher recruitment. As we approach the end of the school year, Memphis schools have a clearer picture of their staffing needs for the upcoming year, and that picture can be daunting. There are currently more than 200 open positions on the Teach901 Job Board, alone. As every understaffed organization can attest, beginning the school year with unfilled positions puts a strain on other educators and cheats kiddos out of the education they deserve.

So, how can you help?  Tell your network to join you in the challenging but deeply rewarding work of ensuring that every child in Memphis has access to a great education:

  1. Follow Teach901 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  2. When we share posts about openings, repost, retweet, and tag friends who should be teaching in Memphis.
  3. Post from your personal pages and direct your friends to the Teach901 Job Board.
  4. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter and, if you are, forward it to your friends so they can sign up, too.

Need help getting started on social posts? Here are some examples you can use:

Twitter: “Current & future teachers: Memphis is hiring! Apply now at #Teach901″

Facebook: “Join me as a teacher in Memphis! There are hundreds of opportunities and you can apply right now at”

Instagram: Current & future teachers: Memphis is hiring! Apply now at #Teach901

Feel free to borrow some of our photos.

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Know someone who isn’t quite at the hiring stage? Tell them about these teacher preparation programs. The programs are past deadline for the upcoming school year but applications will open again later this year for 2018-19.