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The mission of Vision Preparatory Charter School is to prepare kindergarten through fifth grade scholars with the academic and ethical foundation necessary to excel in middle school, thrive in high school and graduate from college.
To achieve our mission Vision Prep adheres to the following five key principles:

  1. High quality teachers lead the way to exceptional scholar results.Research tells us that the number one predictor of scholar achievement isn’t race. It isn’t socio-economic status. It’s teacher quality. The best device we can utilize to help low-income and minority scholars succeed is the same one that is most effective in helping all scholars achieve, regardless of their backgrounds: quality teaching – beginning in kindergarten.
  1. Extended time is critical. At Vision Prep Kindergarten scholars benefit from the nearly 1,000 minutes per week dedicated to literacy instruction. This extra time spent on literacy is critical in developing the skills, content knowledge, and ethical character necessary for success in secondary school, college and in the professional path they choose.
  1. A warm/strict no-excuses school culture, imbedded with joy and rigor, stimulates academic achievement.Vision Prep scholars are not only expected to exhibit great academic achievement; they are also expected to develop strong character. we devote significant time to character education and think critically about how best to align the school culture with our core values: Focus,Integrity, Respect, Self-determination, and Teamwork (FIRST).
  1. Literacy and Mathematics are essential.Successful scholars must master fundamental literacy and numeracy skills to be able to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate rigorous academic content. In preparation for more challenging academic work in upper elementary and middle school, Vision Prep will strive to ensure that all scholars are reading at or above grade level by third grade.
  2. Assess, analyze, and intervene regularly.To ensure every scholar remains on track to reach academic goals, there must be an intense focus on the continuous monitoring of academic progress.  At Vision Prep data constantly drives decisions.  Along with daily and weekly assessments, in-house grade level interim assessments in Reading and Mathematics are administered every nine weeks.