Leading Educators partners with schools and districts to maximize the leadership development of highly effective teachers. Our goal is to bolster the talent pipeline via identifying and training strong potential teacher leaders and, in turn, increase student achievement and develop the skills and sustainability of teachers on our teacher leaders’ teams.

Leading Educators offers a two-year Fellowship program focused on developing the impact and reach of teacher leaders in the core curricular areas of Developing Self, Coaching Others, Leading Teams, and Driving Initiatives. Participating educators learn how to leverage distributed leadership to more effectively execute goals within their sphere of school influence, to lead teams of educators to increase student achievement, and to improve school cultural environments to promote learning and aspiration.

The Leading Educators Fellowship offers:

  • Formal leadership training sessions
  • Individualized leadership coaching, focused on immediate application and refinement of newly acquired skills
  • Training and support in project management around rigorous student achievement goals
  • Cohort collaboration, problem solving, and sharing of best practices
  • Access to a national network of experienced teacher leaders across the K-12 education spectrum

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