Kindergarteners Keeping Memphis Clean

By June 27, 2017School Spotlight

In preparation for the opening of Nexus STEM Academy Elementary, the school hosted a Summer STEM Camp for elementary scholars focusing on school-wide sustainability.

In partnership with Clean Memphis and the Shelby County Office of Sustainability, and the Wolf River Conservatory, the campers attended workshops where they examined, collaborated, and developed systems to make the school more environmentally viable throughout the school year.

“After each workshop, our students put their knowledge to the test by identifying recyclable material and ways to save energy in our school building, creating their own composts for leftover lunches, and so much more,” said Emily Higgins, Founding Principal of Nexus STEM Academy Elementary School.

As the newest addition to the Gestalt Community School network, Nexus STEM Academy has been selected to offer students a greater focus and emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math in addition to critical thinking and problem solving.

“Our school year will consist of a different overarching question each quarter that is relevant to our curriculum,” Higgins said. “Each Wednesday, our scholars will meet with community partners to learn about the question, research causes and effects, and from there design their own practical solutions.

Nexus STEM Academy will open it’s doors to Kindergarten scholars this fall. With a pledge to use innovation to create possibility and eliminate limitation, leaders of the organization are working to prepare students for not only college, but their careers and community beyond.

“Our hope is that no matter what our scholars go on to be when they grow up, they are able to use the skills they learned here at Nexus to be successful, accomplish their dreams, and leave our community a little better than they found it,” Higgins said.