On Monday, April 3rd, Green Dot Public Schools announced plans to expand their impact for Memphis students. In August of 2017, Green Dot will open the doors to their first ever Memphis independent charter school, Bluff City High School.

Serving students in the Hickory Hill community, the school will expand and grow by a grade level each year. 168 students have already been offered seats, creating a waitlist for non lottery students.

“The opening of the first independent charter for Green Dot Public Schools TN creates limitless possibilities for academic growth for the students of the Hickory Hill community,” said Jocquell Rodgers, Director of Community Engagement and Public Relations. “We look forward to working with community partners and parents to usher in a new era of continued revitalization for the Southeast corridor of Memphis.”

Since opening Fairley High School in 2014, GDPS has opened three new schools, Kirby Middle School, Hillcrest High, and Wooddale Middle School. Green Dot is looking for people with a strong sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to each and every student and their potential for success. 

Secure your position as early as the end of this month by attending one of Green Dot’s interview sessions.

Learn more about Bluff City High School.