Future Memphis teacher, Ginny Thompson, decided to apply for Memphis Teacher Residency after working at MTR Camp this year.

MTR Camp is a six-week program with a threefold mission: to reduce summer learning regression, promote a love for learning, and expose college students to urban education. This summer, Thompson taught 1st-4th grade remedial reading and math at Kingsbury Elementary.

Meet Ginny:

She is an elementary education major at Mississippi College who was born and raised in Memphis. Her favorite places in the 901 are the Memphis Zoo, Overton Park, Overton Square, Cooper Young, Beale, the Orpheum, Shelby Farms, the Bridge, the river, and every coffee shop (just to name a few).

“The diversity of our city is a big part of what makes it so fun, exciting, and beautiful,” Thompson said.

Memphis is known for its diversity, especially when it comes to the international population. During high school and college, Thompson volunteered and interned at Multi-National Ministries. She loves learning from people, especially children, who come from different ethnic, national, and religious backgrounds because children can get along with each other really well without any worries about their differences. 

“Being a teacher in Memphis is such a great opportunity to positively impact the refugee and immigrant communities represented here,” Thompson said.

Although children typically don’t let their cultural differences hinder the building and cultivating of new relationships, children from other countries often struggle in school due to language barriers, cultural differences, or even trauma backgrounds. Despite the challenges they may face, Thompson wants to keep them motivated and confident in their abilities to push past those obstacles.

“There’s so much potential and warmth and passion from children in Memphis. They empower me, and I want to do everything I can to empower them,” Thompson said.

Why Memphis Teacher Residency?

Memphis Teacher Residency is a local graduate program for a Masters in Urban Education.

Before starting her senior year as an Elementary Education Major, Ginny decided complete the MTR summer internship program- MTR Camp. She knew she wanted to teach in urban Memphis so it was the perfect opportunity to get career experience and learn more about MTR’s graduate program.

Through MTR Camp, Ginny learned about the importance of using resources from a community in order to provide sustainable, equal education. She feels that MTR camp served to validate her calling to teach urban education and prove that providing equal education is one of the most powerful ways to change our society.

“I want to do the residency program at MTR so that I can make use of every possible resource to help me be the best teacher I can be. I want to learn, grow, be supported, and provide support.”

Ginny wants you to know that anyone with a love for people and learning can be a good teacher.

Are you a college student interested in gaining first-hand experience in urban education?

Apply now to invest your summer in an internship through MTR Camp. The application deadline for MTR Camp is 1/16!