Elevate Urban Education Summit: February 24th

By February 13, 2017Community Initiatives, Events

How do classrooms, schools, and broader communities elevate teaching and learning? Why is learning together more powerful than learning alone?

These are just a few of the overarching questions that will be touched on during Elevate: The Urban Education Summit.

With an interest in pushing a higher level of teaching and learning, the leaders of New Hope Christian Academy invite educators across the Mid-South to collaborate towards elevating and building student success in the Memphis and Frayser communities.

From several guest speakers, such as Chuck Butler of Memphis Teacher Residency and Cynthia Robinson of Van Ness Elementary School, and a variety of break-out Learning Sessions ranging from “Taking Writing From the Clouds to the Classroom” to “The Art and Science of Inspiring Boys and Building Men,” it’s a great opportunity to catalyze on the future of your students.

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