Crosstown High Named Newest XQ Super School

By August 16, 2017Awards and Honors

Last year, leaders and innovators of the Memphis community joined forces to discover, design, and develop the high school of the future for the XQ Super School Project, led by XQ America. With their steadfast determination, creativity, and fervor, Crosstown High was born and, today, was named the newest addition to the XQ Super School cohort.

The high school will be awarded $2.5 million over the next five years as a means to grow and strengthen the school’s curriculum which allows students to have individually tailored lessons to learn not only foundational concepts, such as math, history, but also life skill development.

“Being a part of the XQ cohort is more exciting than the monetary reward associated with the grant,” said Chris Terrill, Executive Director of Crosstown High. “There are 18 schools across America that have earned the title of XQ Super School. Many of those schools were developed through grassroots community efforts, with the singular purpose of redesigning America’s high schools.  The ability to learn from each other is vital to our long-term success.”

Located in the recently redeveloped, landmark building, Crosstown Concourse, Crosstown High will begin serving 9th graders in the midtown community in August of 2018.

“A significant portion of our personalized learning plan is centered on utilizing the greater Crosstown Concourse through community projects,” Terrill said. “These projects tie in specifically to our curricular programs and will engage students through their own strengths and interests.  Crosstown High is in a unique position to tap into the 3000 people who interact with the Concourse everyday.”

“In many ways the XQ recognition gives us some external validation for what we believed all along — that students learn best when fully engaged in matters that our relevant to their daily lives.”

Visit the Crosstown High website for more information!

Speaking of Crosstown High and the XQ Super School Project, remember when the XQ Super School Bus rolled into town last year and encouraged community members to come out and devise ways to improve high school education? Well the Bus is returning to the Bluff City for a special stop at Crosstown Concourse. Check out the details for the Rethink High School Block Party on 8/24!